It’s not just professional goalkeepers who want to progress…

If you’re a goalkeeper or goalkeeping coach in amateur football, KIM is for you!

Why KIM?

Gain a better understanding of a goalkeeper’s behaviour during a match, and identify the most important areas to work on.

As in all disciplines, getting to know yourself better is an essential step towards progress. This is what KIM offers you, enabling you to evaluate a goalkeeper’s performance during a match in real time.
It’s a simple, high-performance tool for identifying the different elements that need to be worked on to help goalkeepers progress.
Ecran détaillé des actions réalisées par les gardiens de but

KIM: How does it work?

Ecran des plans d'actions possibles des gardiens de but

The first application to offer a complete, objective statistical analysis of a football goalkeeper’s performance.

The user accompanying the goalkeeper can enter and modify, in real or delayed time, all the elements linked to actions involving the football goalkeeper, both defensively and offensively, and taking into account the following dimensions :


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Who is KIM for?

KIM is aimed above all at the world of amateur football.




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What is a modern goalkeeper?

Tanguy Jourdan, Académie Gardien de But Today’s goalkeeper needs to be as much of an all-rounder as possible if he is to be decisive in matches. To this end, his specific training sessions comprise elements of technical/tactical work, as well as athletic and mental preparation. Nothing is left to chance, so that he can be…

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About KIM

Based on the simplified systemic approach to the goalkeeper’s activity in the game created by Thierry Barnerat (FIFA Goalkeeper Expert), KIM is an application developed by OAKland Group with the support of the Académie Gardien de But Développement for user coaching.

OAKland is a Swiss group whose mission is to guide companies and individuals through the complex challenges of processing, owning, securing, leveraging and capitalizing on data. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you obtain the greatest possible value from your data, while complying with the highest standards of protection, confidentiality and ethics.

L’Académie Gardien de But Développement was created in Annecy in 2018 by its director Thierry Debordes. It offers a unique continuing education program for goalkeepers in France for girls and boys aged 10 to 23. Its 15-strong staff includes qualified goalkeeping coaches, professionals and expert speakers.

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